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There is something for everyone and every interest in Lumsden.

For further information on any recreational program contact Lumsden's Community Coordinator, Chris Exner, at
533-6147 or email .


There are five parks in Lumsden. Check out the listings below to find the park nearest you.
Playground Safety is an important issue to Lumsden residents. Check the link to find out more about Webster, the Playground Safety Duck and efforts to educate young children about playground safety.

Broad St Park

The Park is located at Broad Street next to the Heritage Home

Elgin Park

The park is located at Elgin and Kelly. The basketball court can also be used for roller-blading or ice skating.

Lion's Park (Participark)

The park is located on James Street, South of the bridge. New playground equipment was installed in 2001. The Tourism Information Centre is located in the park.

7th Ave Park

The Park is located at 7th Avenue and Colbourne Street. There is play equipment and two adjacent ball diamonds.

River Park

River Park is located just off Highway 20 across from the RCMP Detachment. Several ball diamonds are located at River Park as well as a campground and access to the Trans Canada Trail.

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There are many ways to keep fit in Lumsden.

Instructor: Lani Knaus
Telephone: 731-2862
Location: Fitness Down Under
For more information, click here.

Tuesdays 7 to 9 pm
Lumsden Centennial Hall
Contact: Steve Franck 731-3076

SK Cycling Association
Tel 306-780-9299 / Fax 306-525-4009
Join a bike club.
Youth Cycling Series

Fitness Down Under

Box 418 Lumsden, SK S0G 3C0


Lumsden Rhythmic Gymnastics
Rhythmic Gymnastics is a beautiful sport in which gymnasts perform to music using a variety of apparatus. The most common apparatus' includes ribbon, ball, hoop, rope, and clubs. Scarves, flags, streamers, as well as no apparatus are also seen. Rhythmic gymnasts learn to coordinate their skills with the beat of the music, manipulate many different kinds of apparatus, and work as a team to perform routines. Gymnasts will gain flexibility, core strength, and body awareness as they progress through the season and continue in the program.

Lumsden Rhythmic Gymnastics classes are available for children ages 5‐15. We offer a non‐competitive team program which runs from September to May. All gymnasts require a black long‐sleeved bodysuit (available at various dance stores in Regina, or custom‐made through Cellar Creations), as well as stretchy clothes for practice. When performing, gymnasts wear their hair in a bun, but pony‐tails are suitable for class. 

Classes are offered Wednesday evenings at the Lumsden Elementary School gymnasium. Classes are 45 minutes to 1.5 hours long, depending on gymnast age and experience, and season fees range from $300-$350.  There is also an additional cost ($20-50) for a team bodysuit/costume addition which is due in February/March and determined by the coach.

Please watch for registration information from your child's school; registration is held in conjunction with the Fall Community Registration Nights. For more information about Lumsden Rhythmics, please contact head coach Marcia Mitschke at 540-5477 or For more information about the Regina Rhythmic Gymnastics Club, please contact

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Dance Plus Lumsden
Contact: Deanna Schienbein
Phone:  1-306-949-6104

Dance Plus brings to you over 60 years combined teaching experience in qualified dance instruction.  Our goal is to bring you dancing which enhances your child’s balance, coordination, flexibility and memory skills all with an emphasis on FUN!  Boys and girls of all ages are welcome to participate in our programs.  We feel that with a little hard work and a lot of fun, your year of dance will be a successful and rewarding one!

Preschool Class
A 45 minute class once a week for children age 3 & 4. The class will consist of tap, ballet and tumbling. Students require tap shoes and ballet slippers.

General Tap Class
Beginner and experienced students aged 5-7 years will receive a 45 minute class once a week consisting of tap, ballet and tumbling. Students require tap shoes and ballet slippers. Students aged 8 & over will receive a 45 minute class once a week of tap instruction. Tap shoes are required.

C.D.T.A. Tap or Jazz Exam Classes
Exam students will receive two 45 minute classes each week which will cover their exam work and regular class. Good attendance is a must and will be strictly monitored. Students, at the discretion of the teacher, will have the option to take their exam in February or March. A ballet class will be suggested for all exam students, but will be required for those students taking Grade II or higher. Ballet will be given to exam students for only $15.00 per month. Students must wear black bodysuit or unitard to class each week. Extra lessons, exam fees, clothing etc. for exams are not included in the monthly fee.

Beginner Jazz Class
Students aged 7 & over will receive a 45 minute class once a week. The class consists of instruction in ballet and beginner jazz movements including isolation work, traveling and routine construction. Students require proper jazz footwear - black ballet slippers or jazz ozfords.

General Jazz Class
A 45 minute class once a week with instruction in all aspects of jazz including isolation work, traveling and routine construction. Black jazz oxfords are required.

Teen Jazz Class
A 45 minute class once a week for beginner students aged 13 years or older. This class will include all jazz basics, but will advance as fast as the class can handle the work, your learning potential is unlimited. Perfect for that someone who has always wanted a chance to dance! Black oxfords are required.

A 45 minute class once a week for children aged 5 & over. This class will include the basics in acrobatics such as somersaults, balancing tricks, cartwheels etc., this consists only of floor exercises, no apparatus will be used. Students wear bare feet for class, but may require some footwear for recital.

Students aged 4 & over will receive a 45 minute class once a week. Classes will include the basics of ballet with barre and centre floor work and routine construction. A solid colored bodysuit, pink tights and pink ballet slippers must be worn to each class. Hair must be worn up off the neckline preferably in a bun for each class. A Point class may be added to their training (age 12 years & up) provided that the ballet teacher feels they are ready for this endeavor.

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Whether you like to sing or play a musical instrument there are opportunities to do so in a fun atmosphere in Lumsden.

Lumsden Community Adult Band
Interested in joining the Lumsden Community Band?
Practices take place on Thursdays from 7:30 – 9 pm 
in the Band Room at Lumsden High School.   Contact Heather Day 570-9696

For more information, check our website at

Valley Voices
Do you enjoy singing, come join us!  Valley Voices is a Community Choir representing Lumsden and surrounding areas Craven, Regina Beach, Bethune and Silton.  The Choir performs for a variety of audiences throughout the year.  Choir practices are Tuesday nights from 7:00pm – 8:30pm at the Lumsden High School Music Room.  Auditions are not necessary.

Sandra Topinka, Choir Director
Tel. (306) 729-4079

Barb Shaw, Other Contact
(306) 731-2142

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Swim Program

Summer Swim Program
Every summer in Lumsden, more than 200 youth participate in the Annual Lumsden Summer Swim Program.  We facilitate the Red Cross Swim Program, preschoolers to Level 10.  We use private pools in the Town of Lumsden and have certified instructors and assistants.  We keep a low participant to instructor ratio.  We are very fortunate to have this program in Lumsden.

Registration starts in June.  We have a 2 week session in July and a 2 week session in August.  Classes are during the week in the mornings.

2013 Swim Registration Form

2013 Session 2

For further information on Lumsden's Summer Swim program please contact Chris Exner, Lumsden's Community Coordinator at 533-6147 or email


RiverPark Campground (Lumsden)
Located across from the RCMP Depot
Telephone: 306-731-2404 


For 2013

Now Open for the 2013 Camping Season!!

For reservations call: Lorne 540 2022


  • NIGHTLY $32.00      Cash/Debit Discount $30.00
  • WEEKLY $160.00     Cash/Debit Discount $150.00
  • MONTHLY $525.00  Cash/Debit Discount $500.00 (TO BE PAID IN ADVANCE)
  • SEWAGE DUMP $20.00


  • NIGHTLY $22.00       Cash/Debit Discount $20.00
  • WEEKLY $110.00      Cash/Debit Discount $100.00
  • MONTHLY $425.00   Cash/Debit Discount $400.00 (TO BE PAID IN ADVANCE)
  • QUIET TIME IS 11:00 P.M. TO 7:00 A.M.



RIVER PARK MEETING ROOM – Full day $150.00 Half day (5 hrs or less) $75.00

Audio and Video Equipment - $200.00 per day


Washrooms & showers located in main building - holding tank disposal available.
Playground, ball diamonds and TransCanada Trail on-site.


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